Supporting Local Start-up Businesses

Dream Big Little One takes great pride in supporting the Made in Bury Business Academy, a vital resource for local startups. Launched in 2016, the academy offers essential support during the challenging early years of business. Startups that engage with well-structured programs providing coaching, mentoring, and a robust support network experience significantly higher survival rates compared to national statistics.

Since its inception, the Business Academy has made a profound impact, aiding 125 Bury startups. Funding for this program comes from the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw, a not-for-profit initiative licensed by Bury Council. Soon, this initiative will extend its support by providing interest-free loans to Bury businesses.

Beyond our corporate sponsorship, Dream Big Little One owner, Sonja, proudly serves as a Patron of the Academy. With 11 active Patrons, we play a hands-on role in guiding the program, offering mentorship to participants, and serving as a review panel for the interest-free loans funded by the Made in Bury weekly £2000 draw.

This initiative is truly exciting and unique, and we are honoured to be part of it. Local assistance, advice, and support are often elusive for startup businesses, making the involvement of its Patrons incredibly worthwhile.