Between the ages of two and three, toddlers take huge steps in their development. Now much more mobile, they are keen to explore and imitate the world around them and they need space, time and freedom to do this at their own pace, which is why we have provided separately for this important phase in our two Explorer rooms.

The team who work with our two-year olds understand how best to provide for children at this stage. Children are developing friendships and their social world is opening up alongside a mini explosion in language development.

You will notice that once your little one has got the hang of the power of questions; they ask a lot! These questions give us a great insight into what interests and fascinates them and helps us to provide the best play and learning experiences for them. Playing alongside and tuning into children, demonstrating to them by our actions that their questions or concerns are worth listening to and sharing as much as we can with parents are the priorities of the team working within this age group.