Build dens, ask questions and become creative thinkers. Their final stage of nursery is about preparing children for their next big adventure… school.

The same curriculum follows your child through to the end of their Reception Year at school and we have strong links with all of local (and not so local!) schools to make the transition smooth and your child’s experience a positive one. The balance of teaching and play and a rich learning environment means children are equipped with everything they need to build all the characteristics of effective learning to help them through school.

Pre-School children have a skilled approach to play and exploration. Their role play and social interactions, as fascinating as they are to watch, are important in helping them understand the world and how they belong in it. We are constantly supporting each child’s learning, through their interests, enquiries and investigations.

Our team of skilled practitioners will follow the children’s pace and focus of the activities that interest them whilst providing the support needed to let them test their ideas, theories and understanding and to scaffold and support new learning.

The skill of the adult when caring for this age range of children is to understand that adults do not have all the answers! Children can happily construct their own understanding of the world – one which is exciting and relevant and interests them enough to explore further.

Averie Writing copy
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Pre-School 1
Pre-School 6