Meals & Nutrition

Nutrition and healthy meals are a key part of our day and nursery menu here at Dream Big Little One. The whole team is passionate about food, especially Tracy our talented nursery cook. Tracy has served hundreds of thousands of meals to little ones in her vast experience as a nursery cook. 

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You are what you eat!

Tracy’s nursery menus are carefully put together, taking in to account the children’s ages and stages, their likes, dislikes and seasonal fruit and vegetables. She has expert knowledge of allergens and follows and dietary needs of the children meticulously, sourcing and creating quality alternatives so that all the children feel included at mealtimes. Tracy also has a great understanding of weaning, including baby-led and works closely with parents of children in the baby and toddler room to discuss needs and preferences.
Tracy and the Dream Big Little One nursery menus have also won the prestigious Golden Apple Award.

image of Tracy, the Dream Big Little One nursery chef, who creates great nursery menus

At Dream Big Little One we place a huge amount of importance on mealtimes. All meals are served in a “family style”.

Sharing a meal with family or friends is the perfect time to relax, chat, bond and reflect on the day. It’s recognised that good eating habits established at an early age can continue into adulthood. So, it’s good to start family mealtimes with our children from a young age – around four to six months old, when they can sit comfortably and watch from a highchair. Shared mealtimes bring other benefits:

  • We’re better able to monitor how much our child is eating and drinking.
  • Children are likely to eat more fruit and vegetables and less unhealthy food.
  • Shared mealtimes help to develop children’s social skills as they interact with others and learn how to engage in a conversation.
  • Chatting over dinner can help to boost a child’s vocabulary.
  • The comfort and familiarity of sharing a meal is good for our mental health.
  • It also enables us to model table manners, such as how to use cutlery.
  • And it can help digestion. Talking and listening can slow down our eating, and sitting upright, as opposed to eating while slumped on the sofa, is better for us.
Image of a nursery menu meal time at Dream Big Little one