My little boy has attended Nursery full time since the beginning of June. He was just less than 9 months old at the time and as a first-time parent I was a little nervous. I quickly realised I had no need to be. He has settled incredibly well and is gaining in confidence every day. The team know him well, and I feel he is in good hands when I drop him off ready for his full days. I cannot stress how important it was to me that he was happy in nursery, so that I could return to work so soon. Our little boy is not only happy, but continues to develop his skills and abilities.  He is doing so well, and I give credit to Kirsty and Grace for helping us get him to where he is now.

“A” is offered a balanced and varied diet at nursery. Meals are fresh and have been adapted to his needs at different stages of his development. He is turning out to be a very good eater! His hygiene needs are met brilliantly, and there were no issues in adapting his care when needed (ie changing wipes!) His welfare is paramount & during those difficult times (such as teething!) Kirsty and Grace have been there with some extra TLC for him.

We really value the home-nursery communication book as it gives us an insight on his day. The nursery have informed us of “A”’s progress via reports, daily chats at handover, and hosted a parents’ evening for a closer look at the environment & “A”’s folders.  It is enjoyable to see posts on Facebook celebrating the achievements of the nursery & the tips offered are great (such as tips for keeping your child cool in hot weather).

We are so proud of him & look forward to seeing what he can achieve in the future with the support of the team.


My daughter started in March 2022 at the age of 9 months. She had separation anxiety from myself and was not crawling yet. Working closely with Kirsty and Grace from the baby room, her confidence quickly increased, and they created a caring, trusting and professional bond with her. She now claps when she sees the building and freely goes to the staff with a smile on her face. She began crawling within a few weeks of attending the nursery and we are happy with her developmental milestones that she is making which I am positive she would not have made if she did not attend.

I cannot sing the praises of the nursery enough. Each time we have entered the baby room, it is always very clean and set up with varied activities to provide sensory experiences and to develop different motor and communication skills. My daughter’s key worker Kirsty and her colleague Grace have been outstanding. Their communication with me as a parent allows me to know where my child is up to in her development and any areas that they are working on to improve.

Their relationship with Evie is fantastic. She loves nursery and sometimes cannot wait to enter in a morning. I feel very confident that she is safe and happy. The creative artwork that the children make on special days is beautiful and the staff take the time to help the babies make cards and pictures for parents’ birthdays.

Myself and my husband are very impressed with all of the Dream Big Team. All of the staff are very polite and friendly when we see them, always saying hello with a smile. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter grow and progress through the nursery. The office team Sonja, Pam and Hannah are very accommodating, professional and understanding in regards to payments and adding additional days. 


The inside setting itself is a very warm and welcoming place. It is always clean and tidy, providing a brilliant environment for the children to thrive in; their needs being the priority of the staff at all times.

The staff are second to none, always professional and helpful. Each of them have been so welcoming and considerate which has made my child’s and my experience extremely easy, comfortable and relaxed from the very start.

The staff always provide updates and feedback when I collect my son through a written daily feedback form. They have always been accommodating and understanding of our requests, whenever we have communicated them.

A perfect example is the concern I had regarding my son’s rate of learning with his speech. The staff at the nursery provided assurance and advice and suggested tailored activities which has now visibly improved his speech, for which I am immensely grateful.

It is clear to see that my son loves going to nursery and his teachers equally, having built a loving bond with them. I believe I could not have picked a better nursery for him.


When choosing a nursery, I was told about Dream Big Little One. I viewed the nursery during the COVID period and was comfortable with the precautions that were put in place to avoid infection. On entering the nursery, I felt immediately comfortable and noticed how clean the building was. As a teacher who trained in Early Years, I know what should be in place in a nursery setting. I was extremely confident that every aspect was there, and the staff were knowledgeable and most of all very friendly.

My daughter joined the DBLO family at 10 months old and I couldn’t be happier with how well she is progressing. As a child who was born during COVID, my daughter was very shy of new people and new situations. The staff in the baby room were very welcoming and worked hard to gain my daughter’s trust. She is now flourishing in the toddler room with a new key worker who is just as hard working.

I get daily communication with my daughter’s key worker who discusses her day, food and anything else. She is also always available to discuss any queries that I may have. I also get a communication book which discusses my daughter’s day and tells me what they have been learning about. It also has the space for me to write any notes in.

This nursery is excellent. The staff are so friendly, and it is to their credit that my daughter comes home happy and well cared for whilst she is with her Dream Big family.


I was very anxious trying to find a nursery for my son as I had already had a bad experience in a previous nursery. Dream Big Little One put me completely at ease in the first taster session! 

My son loves going to nursery so much and has benefited in various different ways that we are going to increase his sessions from one day a week to 3 days a week! 

All staff (including management) are always very welcoming on arrival, always kind, caring, friendly and approachable. They are an absolute credit to the nursery. 

I am so glad I decided to put my son in Dream Big Little One, and I am looking forward to seeing him benefit from attending 3 times a week!


What a great opportunity to praise and thank such an amazing nursery. A nursery that has been such a blessing for W and his development.

From day one Dream Big have been amazing and always gone above and beyond. W absolutely loves going to nursery and always wants to see Pam, Hannah, Ashleigh and Kirsten.

Watching W’s confidence grow and hearing his speaking develop has been quality. He tells me something new each day on the way home. From counting, to colours, telling me about his day and what he has eaten etc.

I’m always updated on what W has been up to and love reading about it at the end of the day. I couldn’t ask for any better.


I’ve always said, before having my little girl, that children attending a primary school nursery is so important. I still believe this but there was never a doubt in my mind that “A” needed to stay for her pre-school year with Dream Big! There is no other place I’d rather her be. Sonja, Pam, Hannah and the team have built an amazingly vibrant and happy place which “A” never stops talking about.

The team are outstanding in every way. The smiley 7am morning team welcome us each day and are always happy to chat and help “A” if she’s having a wobbly morning. Although, due to working full time, I don’t see all of the Dream Big family “A” tells us about everyone. She adores those who she is with now and those who were special to her when she was younger. We know all the songs that Louisa sings in the sleep room, all about the amazing things Jamie creates in the entrance, we hear lots about helping Kirsty & Demay in the morning, how she’s older than “baby Frank Sonja’s baby” whom I’m sure is no longer a baby and playing games and singing songs with Sarah to name but a few. 💙 Every member of staff, the owner included, are loved by “A” and this just doesn’t happen without love, care and attention.

Our daughter is happy, loved and safe, this means the world to us, but alongside this we’re also really happy with her development. The staff keep us updated on a daily basis informally and we also love the opportunities nursery offer to look at her file and talk about her development in a little more detail. I always feel like the team are available to chat, I know I can ring or email and someone will get back to me. During lockdown they were so flexible when we were all in limbo, they were there carrying on and offering support to us where needed. Dream Big have also helped us through some development milestones and what I love the most is that I’ve felt respected and in control. This may sound silly but the team have been with us on our journey of when to introduce solid foods, reduced nap time and toilet train etc. I’ve never felt pushed, rushed or that my view on the time being right was anything but the best for “A”. Skilled and caring staff past and present make me feel like that and it should not be underestimated.

I’m always amazed by the extra little things they offer. They always ask about “A”’s current likes and interest, they regularly send home a form to complete about this. The little home learning tasks are also adorable, and we love getting involved with current topics/books etc. It’s these little touches that make it such a special place. She loves her weekly French sessions, we’re always very impressed with what she remembers. She recently loved watching the local band with her friends and her current knowledge of feelings, emotions and keeping her “brain healthy” is astounding for a 3-year-old. She’ll tell me she feels “red” and will sit doing her “happy breathing” all of which is from nursery.


Thank you for all you do to ensure that “A” progresses – both in his learning and as a young person. His nursery file is truly outstanding and testament to all the hard work you consistently put in. We couldn’t as more of you. “A” is a happy little boy who loves to learn with you which is everything we want from our nursery.

Tina & Lee

As cheesy as it sounds but Dream Big Little One isn’t just a nursery, it genuinely feels like a little family! I will forever be grateful for everything the nursery has done for me & Amelia and the thought of Amelia leaving next year breaks my heart!!

Amelia's Mummy

The nursery itself is immaculate and spotlessly clean, and has a bright, welcoming feel as soon as you walk in. My daughter loves all the staff, especially her key worker! I couldn’t recommend DBLO highly enough.

Beatrice’s Mummy

We have been absolutely blown away by how amazing Dream Big Little One Nursery is! The staff are all amazing, so friendly and lovely with the children

Eadie and Felix's Mummy

The activities they do, the food they offer and the loving, caring environment is second to none and I never have any worries about leaving her even if she’s ever upset! It feels almost like a second home for her because she is so comfortable and happy there. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Emilia's Mummy

Dream Big Little One are the best! They are always welcoming and make Emmie so happy. She’s always really excited for the extra things going on, like Jo Jingles coming in. She’s a big character and they keep up with her demands and help her grow everyday, while keeping me up to date daily with everything she’s been up to. We would be truly lost without them.

Emmie's Mummy

I pick my granddaughter up on a Thursday, she is happy and coming on so well, the staff are engaging and it’s obvious to all they enjoy their jobs. I admire their ethos; they have given her the best start for her next journey to primary school.

Evie's Grown-Ups

Is an amazing Nursery. My little boy has settled in so much and loves it so much all the staff are brilliant. And so good with him.
Want to thank them all for being amazing highly recommended.

George's Grown-Ups

Fantastic nursery, staff are amazing. Would definitely recommend!

Halle-Rae's Mummy

I chose here as my son came here from 9 months old until he started school and he absolutely loved it. All the staff were amazing and with all that has happened during the pandemic I wanted to feel comfortable knowing my little one would be okay as some staff were still there 5 years after my son left.

Harper's Mummy

My daughter loves going to nursery and seeing her happy face at the end of the day is pure joy – sometimes I think she doesn’t want to come home! Sonja has completely transformed the nursery and I am confident that the practices she has put in place will ensure that Harriet has the very best start to her education.

Harriet's Mummy

Our little boy has been going for a few months now and loves it here. The staff are brilliant, and they are always being creative with the children. It’s a very friendly nursery and all the staff knows every child. Would definitely recommend!

Leonardo's Grown-Ups

Our little girl absolutely loves DBLO, she quite literally runs in through the door! She has formed amazing bonds with the carers and learns so much from them. It’s always hard to trust someone else with your baby but we know she is in the safest hands. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Lydia's Mummy

I couldn’t recommend this nursery enough! It is amazing and has exceeding every expectation I had from a nursery. The staff are amazing, so friendly and caring! I asked my little one who his friends were shortly after he started and he told me all of the names of the staff, he loves them all so much.

Max's Mummy

Our little boy returned to nursery today after an extended period off due to the current climate. The service and safety measures are exemplary as always and we felt confident leaving him today. Can’t recommend DBLO Nursery highly enough and we are so glad to be back. Thank you all for the fantastic job you do.

Michael's Daddy

My little girl returned to Dream Big this week after a few months off and she literally ran in! As soon as she saw the building, she was excited to get inside.  I can’t recommend the place enough! Thanks for all your hard work!

Orlaith's Mummy

You really are a fantastic team. I can’t thank you all enough in helping my two boys grow and gain confidence as they enter the big wide world. I will be eternally grateful to each and every one of you.

Ryan and Luke's Mummy

My son started at Dream big in November. He is already so settled and loves going to nursery, all the staff have made a massive effort to get to know him, me and his mummy! It makes me feel so much more at ease leaving him while we both work full time.. THANK YOU! You’re the best!

Teddy's Daddy

What an amazing bunch of staff. From management to domestics. Each and every one of them are dedicated to their job, always going above and beyond for every child and parent. Such a home from home feel with plenty of fun and engaging activities for all the children. I have viewed many nearby nurseries and this one is by far the best.


My 14-year-old attended this nursery and still a lot of the same staff as my 13-month-old boys now attend. the nursery is very clean and well equipped, the staff are all friendly I wouldn’t send the boys anywhere else.

William and Freddie's Mummy

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