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Baby and Toddler Room

Our children’s day nursery has been recently refurbished to an exceptionally high standard, all our rooms are bright and airy and have been designed and equipped through the eyes of a child. In Babies and Toddlers, children are beginning to explore their immediate surroundings as their mobility, language and fine motor skills develop. These rooms help to further enhance these skills by providing activities and play resources that encourage the children both imaginatively and physically. At this stage of their development, the children are supported in their exploration of the world around them.

Our focus first and foremost in the baby room is to provide a calm and warm emotional environment for babies where they feel loved and cared for. During this important phase, babies are exploring the world with all their senses and their whole bodies and so the activities and experiences we plan with our babies’ support and encourage children’s strong exploratory impulses.

“Babies build a picture of themselves from the way in which they are regarded and treated, particularly by those people who are closest to them.” (Dowling, M., 2005, Young Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development).

The most fundamental part of our role with babies is to make sure that this picture develops into a positive sense of identity. We do this by treating each child respectfully and as a unique individual. Tuning into the things that interest them and providing rich experiences which encourage development across all areas.

a baby playing in a baby room
babies playing in a children's day nursery
toddlers at Dream Big Little One children's day nursery
toddlers having fun at a children's day nursery


Between the ages of two and three, toddlers take huge steps in their development. Now much more mobile, they are keen to explore and imitate the world around them and they need space, time and freedom to do this at their own pace, which is why our children’s day nursery has provided separately for this important phase in our Explorers room.

The team who work with our two-year olds understand how best to provide for children at this stage. Children are developing friendships and their social world is opening up alongside a mini explosion in language development.

You will notice that once your little one has got the hang of the power of questions; they ask a lot! These questions give us a great insight into what interests and fascinates them and help us to provide the best play and learning experiences for them. Playing alongside and tuning into children, demonstrating to them by our actions that their questions or concerns are worth listening to and sharing as much as we can with parents are the priorities of the team working within this age group.


Helping our children prepare for school is an important part of what happens in pre-school.

The same curriculum follows your child through to the end of their Reception Year at school and we have strong links with all of the local (and not so local!) schools to make the transition smooth and your child’s experience a positive one. The balance of teaching and play and a rich learning environment means children are equipped with everything they need to build all the characteristics of effective learning to help them through school.

Pre-school children have a skilled approach to play and exploration. Their role play and social interactions, as fascinating as they are to watch, are important in helping them understand the world and how they belong in it. We are constantly supporting each child’s learning, through their interests, enquiries and investigations.

Our team of skilled practitioners here at our fantastic children’s day nursery will follow the children’s pace and focus of the activities that interest them whilst providing the support needed to let them test their ideas, theories and understanding and to scaffold and support new learning.

The skill of the adult when caring for this age range of children is to understand that adults do not have all the answers! Children can happily construct their own understanding of the world – one which is exciting and relevant and interests them enough to explore further.

preschooler at a children's day nursery
two girls reading at a day nursery
girl using a magnifying glass at a children's day nursery

Sensory Room

We have a dedicated sensory room that all the children can access. It’s fibre optic lights and music mean that it is a calming environment for all our little one’s to explore. This is a real bonus not found in many children’s day nurseries. 

Sleep Room

Here at Dream Big Little One we have a dedicated sleep room with individual beds. This means that the children can relax and sleep peacefully in preparation for their busy afternoons ahead.