Our Values

Here at Dream Big little One nursery, we put the children at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our children being happy and getting the perfect balance of nurture, care and education. All our little ones are treated as individuals and we ensure the best opportunities for growth and development. We work hard to build relationships with parents and once children start with us they become part of the Dream Big family.

Our Nursery. 
Our Family. 
Our Community.

We like to make sure our little ones are getting the best experiences. To compliment our exciting curriculum, we often have classes and experts coming into nursery to work with parent groups and our children.

image of a child playing happily at nursery

Here at Dream Big Little One, we are dedicated to providing a physically and emotionally secure environment. Everyone on the team is committed to the care and safety of your little one.

Every child is treated as an individual and as a result, the care and education we offer is tailored to your little one’s needs. We work in close partnership with parents and mirror the care and attention they would get at home

Every day at Dream Big Little One is carefully planned to ensure your child receives the best learning opportunities in a safe, fun and caring environment.

Play is an important part of our learning. Through purposeful play, the children enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world. They are introduced to a wide range of activities that provide learning opportunities for all our children.

We support children’s natural curiosity by providing a wide range of experiences at nursery, and plenty of positive interaction with well-trained, caring, professional staff.

The first five years of a child’s life are the most important. We are here to give the support and care to help make them happy, confident children. We work under the Early Years Foundation Stage, a statutory framework, designed to ensure that children get the best possible start in life.

image of boy playing happily at nursery
  • In the nursery, we work under the themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • That each child is unique.
  • That positive relationships between children, parents and staff support learning.
  • That the learning environment should be enabling.
  • That learning and development are promoted through play, exploration and creativity.
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Working with parents

Relationships with parents are more important than ever at this early stage and we positively encourage this involvement, guidance and feedback. By adopting the ‘key person’ approach, we hope to make this communication as easy as possible for parents.

Described as “a way of working in nurseries in which the whole focus and organisation is aimed at enabling and supporting close attachments between individual children and individual nursery staff”[1], we believe the relationship between key person and families can give you the opportunity to share your child’s successes, struggles and milestones with someone you know is fully committed to working with you and your family.

[1] Elfer, P., Goldschmied, E., Selleck, D. 2003, Key Persons in the Nursery: Building Relationships for Quality Provision)

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